Dixie Cup Plant Photo Workshop

Dixie Cup Plant Photo Workshop

Join Matthew Christopher, founder of Abandoned America, for a photo workshop at an enormous abandoned Dixie Cup factory! While the factory has been emptied of machinery, there are still hundreds of little details to photograph and a lot to explore.


The property is easily accessible and generally easy to navigate but the lighting can be a challenge. Expect to use a tripod although some areas can be shot with a handheld camera at a higher ISO. Exposure bracketing will be very helpful. Matthew will spend the time helping you learn how to improve your camera settings to get the best possible photographs of the space, so beginners and experts alike are welcome. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a dSLR or mirrorless camera and tripod to the workshop - all are welcome but point & shoot cameras may be inadequate to photograph the space.


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  • City/State: Easton, PA

    Parking: Available in lot