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4x6 Postcard Grab Bag (Set of 6)

4x6 Postcard Grab Bag (Set of 6)

Hey, who doesn't love postcards with beautiful abandoned places on them? Whoever it is, they're probably not very much fun. This set of 6 4x6 postcards on 14 pt glossy paper is a selection of some of my favorite shots and changes over time (old ones run out, new ones come in) - you can write on the back, affix a postcard stamp, and send them off to other people, frame them and put them on the wall, or write little notes on them and hide them around the house for people to find after you've fled to Argentina to escape extradition. I mean, they're you're postcards. You can do whatever you want with them, it's not my business. Most people just mail them or hang them on their fridge with magnets, and there's nothing wrong with that.


Did you know the first known postcard was mailed in 1840 by London resident Theodore Hook to himself, probably as a prank since the on the front was a hand-drawn caricature of postal workers, and it sold in 2002 for £31,750? These things are an investment, that's all I'm saying. That, and writing product copy about things that are fairly self-explanatory is hard.

  • These postcards are going to come to you in a very stylish black envelope in somewhere around a week, maybe a little more if the USPS is slow. I can't really do returns or refunds here but if you receive a damaged product by all means please let me know and I will make it right. How? With more postcards to replace them, that's how. Your postcard mailing/collecting experience is important to me.

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