Read what people who have attended Abandoned America photo workshops and tours have to say:

"I've attended several of Matthew's workshops. My favorites have been Scranton Lace (which sadly is no more) and his Keeping the Faith. I also attended the Ruins in Romania workshop, and it was phenomenal!! Just finding all these amazing places he gets us in to photograph is a feat in itself. He is there for as much help as you would like and to answer any questions you have. His work is such an inspiration and makes you want to find more abandoned places to photograph. If you want to photograph some amazing places, join Matthew on his workshops!!"

Kristen Eder (Website/Instagram)

"I've known Matthew for so many years and attended some of his great workshops. My first one was St.Peter’s Episcopal Church, then Lansdown Theater, Scranton Lace, Keeping the Faith and last year Ruins of Romania photo tour.

Matthew is very knowledgeable, always there to help not only with photo related issues, but everything else during the workshop or trip. My husband and I traveled to Romania and we had a best time ever. Matthew went above and beyond to make sure that the trip met everyone’s expectations.  We all came back home not only with a great shots of fantastic locations, but so many wonderful memories of super good time together.

Matthew combines his love for the history and abandoned places with great photographic skills, but what’s most important, he is just an awesome human being! And he loves cats!"

Marzena Grabczynska (Website/Instagram)

"I have been on several trips with Matthew Christopher, and he is the best group leader of all of those whose events I have attended.  He is intelligent, personable, knowledgeable about all aspects of photography, and an excellent teacher.


Matthew selects very interesting sites and is very knowledgeable about them.  He does not photograph himself.  Instead, he spends all of his time helping those who attend to get the very best photographs that they can.  I would strongly suggest that anyone attend his events."

Elaine Kirchen

Matt's workshops have not only pushed my photographic skills to a higher level, they have changed the way I look for an image and, ultimately, create the final fine art image. 


I've been attending Matt's workshops since 2013 and if I don't hold the 'highest number of workshops attended' record, I'm probably in the top 5. :-)  There are only a few of his US workshops that I have not been on and most of them I have attended numerous times - because no matter how many times I've been to a location new images always emerge.  Sometimes it is just the lighting that has changed that produces an entirely new image or sometimes something will catch my eye that I had never noticed prior. Whatever the reason, Matt's workshops have inspired me to see the hidden beauty in abandoned places and I am very pleased with my results.  He gives us full access to some places that are totally inaccessible to others - almost guaranteeing images few have seen before. 


One of the best things about Matt's workshops is that we are free to explore the site fully on our own.  But Matt is always readily available to assist with any photography question - whether it is about your camera equipment or a technique you may be struggling with. And although I have 40 years of photography experience, there is always something new to learn and when I look to Matt for advice, I know I'm learning from one of the best.


His books are also incredible!  When I purchased the first one, I presumed it would be a good 'coffee table' book - but I was wrong: it was so much more.  Matt explains the history of every site covered in his books - and he is an amazing writer.  I found his writing style is down to earth, empathetic - and even a bit of humor.  Honestly, I could not put the book down and read it cover to cover in one sitting.  Of course, the images were great - but I'd have to say the his writing was 'over the top'.  


I always look forward to attending Matt's workshops - he's always friendly and pleasant to all attendees - I can't think of a better way to spend a day! 

Diane Dugan

I would absolutely recommend Matthew's tours. In fact, I have. I attended the Irem Temple tour. I greatly appreciated the control and order over all of us attending as to not get in each other’s way while photographing this beauty. Maintaining respect for each other’s space was incredibly important to me.

Donna Dolin (Instagram)

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