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Abandoned America Coffee Mug

Abandoned America Coffee Mug

I'm not going to sit here and explain coffee mugs to you, friend. You know what mugs are, you know what coffee is, you know how they work together. These particular cofffee mugs have Abandoned America stuff printed on them, so you can impress/depress your friends with your knowledge of American ruins, or nod along wisely as you listen to Abandoned America podcasts drinking the only thing that make mornings tolerable (these mugs also work with vodka). Each 11-oz, dishwasher-safe ceramic mug is part of a limited series, and I'm not sure how limited that will be but basically it will end when I decide it's time to create some new designs and retire some old ones or just get tired of selling mugs, so factor that articifical scarcity into your decision here.


Mug Designs:

  • Dead Presidents: This mug has a wraparound image of the crumbling 20-foot tall busts of U.S. presidents lit by a spooky ol' moon. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty happy with this design, and I think you will be too. Each president depicted on the mug is guaranteed to be 100% dead at the time of purchase.
  • Abandoned America Logo/Abandond Church: On one side of this mug you've got the snazzy new Abandoned America logo in rust, white, and blue colors! On the other side of the mug there's one of my favorite photos of an abandoned church. Two images, one cup: what could go wrong? Aside from dropping it or spilling your beverage. That could go wrong, if you're not careful or you have a cat.
  • Shipping: Items are generally are sent within 5 business days of purchase.

    Other important things to ponder: Once an order is placed it can't be canceled once the product is shipped and there are no refunds. If an item is damaged during shipping please send us a photo of the damage it will be replaced at no cost to you.

    My email address is - please note if you have any questions about a product I am happy to answer it.
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