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Dunnington Mansion Photo Workshop

Dunnington Mansion Photo Workshop

We've been fortunate enough to have been granted access to the historic (and currently abandoned) Dunnington Mansion in Farmville, VA through the Dunnington Mansion Foundation, a nonprofit that is working to save it! It's a gorgeous building with a lot of great photo spots inside. Ownership and access are in jeopardy after June so this may be our only chance to visit it - although, as always, if access is extended and there are more people who want to sign up I'd certainly love to have another, it's best to treat this like a one-weekend only workshop.


Dunnington Mansion as it stands today was primarily built in 1897 for a tobacco baron, although a portion dates back to 1840. It has quite a few beautiful and unique flourishes. While the location is huge for a house, it's certainly not on the scale of a place like the Scranton Lace Factory. As a result, sessions will be kept to 10/attendees maximum, to ensure that guests have enough room to fully explore and do their thing without other people getting in their shots. I would most recommend it to photographers who like to take their time, perfect their photos, and try different lenses/angles, or to ones who want to take some time learning more about how to use their camera settings to get the best results. This is also an ideal spot for drone photography or infrared lenses.


Please carefully read all the info on this page (including additional info sections below) before signing up.


When you sign up you will receive a confirmation email within a week. Be sure to check your spam folders and add my email address - - to your Safe Senders list. I sometimes get flagged as spam, unfortunately.


You will need to sign a comprehensive waiver to enter the property releasing both the property owners and myself from any and all liability. This must be done prior to the event. You can't enter the location without it. I strongly encourage you to complete this as soon as it is sent to you in the first confirmation email.


If you have more questions or are thinking about signing up, please read the Workshop FAQ Page and check the sadditional info sections below! Send me a note at if you need to know anything else about how workshops run. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a dSLR or mirrorless camera and tripod to the workshop - all are welcome but point & shoot cameras may be inadequate to photograph the space.


By signing up, you are stating that you have read and agree to the info sections below, including Safety Risks and Refund Policy and Terms, and that you are aware that no exceptions can be made.


Please note if you can't select a date to the right of the image (and the option below it says "Out of Stock"), the workshop is sold out. These events sell out quickly. Sign up for my mailing list and join the Facebook workshops group for alerts on future dates!

  • Address: Farmville, VA

    Parking: On property

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