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Leap of Faith Workshop 2024

Leap of Faith Workshop 2024

UPDATE: New sessions have just been added for July as the June dates are sold out!


What's a Leap of Faith workshop? Over the past 10 years (!!) I've run workshops where the location is a secret, and people only find out what it is after signing up, a week or so before the event. Previous locations have included an enormous abandoned school, the Trolley Graveyard, a massive vacant resort, and a vacant seven-story bank, among others. I deeply appreciate people's trust in my selection and it is important to me to live up to that by delivering a place that is worth the surprise.


This year's location is less than a 30 minute drive from Flourtown, PA, and in my opinion it's the best yet of my Leap of Faith spots. I do not say that lightly, or just for hype. It is a very large, very beautiful building that no photo workshops have ever been held at, by me or anyone else. While you may have been there if you regularly sneak into abandoned buildings - I can't make any promises that you haven't, if that's the case it's your call whether you want to take the risk! - if you aren't a hardcore urban explorer, you are definitely in for a pretty terrific surprise.


Whether you want to spend the whole time asking questions and learning camera settings or prefer to go off on your own to explore, you're free to go at your own pace during the alloted time. The event is indoors and will be held regardless of weather conditions except in the case of a weather emergency that would endanger the safety of attendees. Attendance is capped at 20 per session. There is a portapot onside if you need to use the bathroom.


The majority of the workshop fees go to the nonprofit that owns the place and is working to restore it, so that's always a great thing too. As of the May 2024 workshop, $10,090 has been contributed towards the preservation efforts.


I can't stress this enough, but please carefully read all the info on this page (including additional info sections below) before signing up. I know there's a lot, but all of it is important. Also, please be aware that no "hints" or identifying info will be given, except to attendees who have signed up one week prior to the event. If you're not into the idea of it being a surprise or don't want to take a chance on it, I completely understand. Usually after the first weekend the event is held, the cat's out of the bag and I am hoping to have more here in the future. That said, let me repeat: this one is really special. It's worth it.


When you sign up you will receive a confirmation email within a week with an info packet on where to stay/things to do in the area. Be sure to check your spam folders and add my email address - - to your Safe Senders list. I sometimes get flagged as spam, unfortunately.


You will need to sign a comprehensive waiver to enter the property releasing both the property owners and myself from any and all liability. This must be done prior to the event. You can't enter the location without it. I strongly encourage you to complete this as soon as it is sent to you in the first confirmation email.


If you have more questions or are thinking about signing up, please read the Workshop FAQ Page and check the sadditional info sections below! Send me a note at if you need to know anything else about how workshops run. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a dSLR or mirrorless camera and tripod to the workshop - all are welcome but point & shoot cameras may be inadequate to photograph the space.


By signing up, you are stating that you have read and agree to the info sections below, including Safety Risks and Refund Policy and Terms, and that you are aware that no exceptions can be made.


Please note if you can't select a date to the right of the image (and the option below it says "Out of Stock"), the workshop is sold out. These events sell out quickly. Sign up for my mailing list and join the Facebook workshops group for alerts on future dates!

  • Address: Within 30 minute drive from Flourtown, PA

    Parking: Onsite lot

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